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There is no cost to the schools or organizations for the cardboard money boxes.

(*If individuals or corporations wish to purchase additional units of the money box craft kit, a nominal donation is welcomed.)

NHCS will arrange for the cardboard money box homes to be delivered to the school.

  1. Flat 2D, pre-cut template of the house (including the slot for inserting money)

  2. Double-sided tape


Children and teachers do not need to cut anything - just assemble, stick and decorate.

It is designed to be a safe and fun activity for all. 

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Teaching resources can be downloaded here. We will provide a digital lesson plan, cardboard home craft and an email template for schools to inform their parents about the campaign and activity.


Children are encouraged to save their pocket money / red packets/ money from doing chores etc. and drop it into their completed money box.


Parents are encouraged to set goals for them to save and donate on a regular basis (for example, weekly or monthly donations) to help the charity.


For donation to New Hope Community Services,

click here:


Schools can also send the craft back home for their students to do it as a parent-child bonding activity or to supplement home-based learning.

About Build-A-Little-Home

Our Build-A-Little-Home campaign hopes to reach out to young children, in the hopes of creating more awareness about the homeless in Singapore, by planting ‘seeds of hope’ in the little ones.


This activity is offered to preschools, schools and community organisations. It aims to raise funds for the programs of New Hope Community Services (NHCS) via an activity designed to engage young children (suitable for ages 2 to 10 and above), to cultivate kindness and compassion.


It is a savings money box craft that is constructed out of cardboard, the material that displaced people sleep on each night. It comes with a comprehensive lesson plan to help educators and parents impart meaningful values to our young ones. We aim to show them that although they are young, they can adopt a positive mindset of love, kindness and compassion. By saving diligently and donating their savings, they learn to take small steps to contribute towards ending homelessness in Singapore. Our little ones will help to contribute to providing ‘Little Homes of Hope’ for others and a brighter future for the world that they will grow up to inherit.

How does it work?

Children will make and decorate ‘Hope Houses’ using a pre-printed cardboard savings money box activity provided by NHCS. They will write a message of hope to the displaced too.

Educators are encouraged to run this as a lesson component (craft, story, worksheet) in school with their students. 

We also encourage schools, educators and parents to email in photos of their children’s Hope Houses or to tag NHCS on social media,# buildahomenhcs #buildalittlehomenhcs so that we create a movement of sending encouragement and hope to the displaced.

We would like to invite your school/organisation to participate in this project and join us in helping to empower our young to contribute to society and help the displaced. Let’s start with educating our young children – that they can help others have safe shelter, food, access to education and hope in life, even in these trying times.

As many of our relief and training initiatives rely heavily on donations to operate, we are most grateful for your support and participation. If you would like more information on the services of New Hope Community Services, please visit our website at www.newhopecs.org.sg.


If your school would like to get started on this project, please contact:

Ms. Rosalind

+65 96313710


Complete the Response Form via the link below.

As there is a limited print run of the Hope Houses, your early response will ensure that we can reserve your requested number of boxes for your children.  

Let's Build-A-Little Home Together!

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