Kampung Siglap (KS) is the vehicle to deliver on the “P” and “E” in NHCS’ mission. It is at the heart of delivering on the promise of NHCS’ vision. 

The need is driven by our clients who are weighted down by a scarcity mindset and tunnel vision; they are at risk of making poor choices that feed the poverty cycle. Our experience informs us that the lack of sustained engagement with these individuals and families perpetuates their situation, often leading on to inter-generational poverty. 

Kampung Siglap is a life skills training and retreat centre that aims to bring about positive change in the lives of our clients through the creation of a sound social, cultural and educational environment targeted to meet the needs of the local community. 

The services provided by Kampung Siglap also aims to preserve their rights in order to enhance their sense of belonging, safety and self-confidence in the community. Kampung Siglap’s services attempts to enhance their ability to make integrated and right decisions through the many and varied programs that help them to physically, psychologically and intellectually grow and thrive thus break out of the multi generation cycle of poverty. 

KS will also serve as a platform for community volunteerism, also providing an avenue for volunteers to connect with and understand the needs of those segments of society that needs a helping hand. This in turn enables the building of programs and frameworks to that can be deployed to benefit the disenfranchised segments of society to enable them to integrate as productive member so society. 

Schools, corporations and individual volunteers can give back through various avenues. This will be a ‘many helping hands’ approach towards profound social good. KS will be a place where both givers and receivers will be enriched through meaningful interactions.