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  • Registered as a Society on 16 January 2004 – Registration No. 0333/2004 (UEN No : T04SS0026C)
  • Registered as a Charity on 13 October 2004 – Registration No. 01825
  • Granted full membership of National Council of Social Service (NCSS) on 1 November 2005 IPC Registration No - IPC000037
  • Granted Institute of Public Character (IPC) status since October 2005 (valid till: 31 Oct 2022)

Together, we can be the reason for others to HOPE again.

Since 2003, New Hope Community Services has striven to be where the impoverished and destitute can find new hope and life. Even as we grow and change, let us hold on to the original spirit of our organisation that gives us our identity and inspires us to act.

The purpose of this brand book is to help inspire creativity in you while keeping you aligned to our shared vision, mission and values. When we present a clear and consistent visual identity every time we communicate, people will come to know and appreciate who we are and what we stand for.


To be a Beacon of New Hope to the displaced & disadvantaged in the community


Heart to serve all regardless of race or religion.
Opportunities made accessible and equalised for all.
Partnership with 3P Partners (Public, Private and People) to form communities of support.
Empower individuals and families to bring about change and betterment in their lives.


Value everyone. Listen and be thoughtful to all as everyone has a voice.
Do the right thing. Strive for positive outcomes as individuals and as a team.
Have a heart. Be hospitable and welcoming to all.
Be at our best. Represent the best of New Hope to our stakeholders and partners.



Brand Tone

We want our brand to inspire hope. It's in the name, after all! Whether we're talking to the clients we serve or to our partners, our goal is that every person interacting with New Hope will feel excited to see lives changed.

Homelessness is a complex issue.
Talking about it can make us sad and unhappy. But we never want our audience to feel hopeless after interacting with us. While we are honest about the realities of homelessness, we choose to focus on the solutions, not the problems. Our overall message should be about the change and impact we can bring into the lives we serve.

Helpful. Authentic. Compassionate. Inspiring. Professional. These are some of the qualities that have defined us over the years. Adopting these enduring attributes in our messaging will maintain the consistency and clarity of our New Hope brand.

Our Logo

We looked to the Bible for inspiration for our logo.

The book of Genesis tells the story of the flood where after Noah and his family have been in the ark for 150 days, the floodwaters were beginning to dry up. Noah had sent out a raven and a dove to check on the flood conditions, but neither could find a place to land and returned to the ark.

A week passed and Noah sent out the dove again. This time it returned back to Noah with a gift – a freshly picked olive leaf.

What great hope and joy that must have brought Noah, to know that the flood was over and life had returned to the earth!

As such, we have made the dove with the olive leaf in its beak as the key element of our logo; it is a reminder of the power that hope brings into people’s lives.


Dove and Fire, and our “New Hope” wordmark set in Nunito Medium and “Community Services” wordmark set in Museo 500.

Our icon and wordmark can be set horizontally or vertically, whichever works best with your design. The wordmark can be chosen grey or white, whichever is most clear on your background color or design. The Iconic Dove icon can be gold & white, or gold and blue.

Dos and Don'ts

Don’t change the typography type, color, spacing
Don’t rotate the Dove
Don’t adjust the Dove size
Don’t squish or skew our logo
Don’t place our logo on a cluttered background

Sizes & Space

We like our logo to be easy to read. Keep the size legible and always give it breathing room. We want people to recognise NEW HOPE on the first glance.

SCREEN 105 pixels

PRINT 1.25 inch

RGB: 29, 107, 170
CMY: 89%, 57%, 7%, 0%
Blue signifies the HEALING Power of GOD and PEACE
RGB: 218, 165, 32
CMY: 15%, 35%, 100%, 0%
Gold signifies FIRE & WEALTH

FIRE represents the presence of God & passion in advocating for the disadvantaged and displaced. It also represents WEALTH – richness and blessing.

RGB: 242, 239,231
CMY: 4%, 4%, 8%, 0%
This is our base colour

Instead of using pure white, we use Alabaster for our base colour.

HEX #60747A
RGB: 96, 116, 122
CMY: 66%, 45%, 44%, 12%
Alternative Dark Colour

Using pure black text on a light-coloured background can affect content readability. As an alternative to black, we opted for our shade of grey for a better balance of contrast between the text and the background. Where possible, we do not encourage this colour as the primary colour of a design.

Our Fonts

Our primary brand font is Museo. We use it in print and on the web. When Museo Sans is not available, we use Proxima Nova. Other than our favorite Sans Serif Fonts, we use serif fonts such as Calluna or Baskerville too!

Use the font that works best with your design, and always be consistent throughout the artworks you’re working on.

Primary Combination

Alternative Combination

Our Photo Approach

Photographs play an enormous part in brand visual identity. They are powerful tools to tell inspiring stories and provide context for the work we do. Our photos should be consistent with our core values. It is essential that our photos preserve the dignity of our clients and not portray them as anything less than human beings.

We want people to feel hopeful and motivated when interacting with our photos. Where appropriate, images demonstrating need or the harsh realities of homelessness can also be used to illustrate the transformative work that we do.

Our Video Approach

Videos are a powerful tool that we can use to share the impact of our work. Good footage paired with the right music and sound effects can be more engaging and exciting than images.

Again, we want to be authentic but focus on hope. If you’re going to show footage that is bleak or difficult to watch, pair it with hopeful footage that points toward the opportunity for a better future.

If you have any questions, do clarify at [email protected]

New Hope Community Services HQ
Blk 148 Yishun Street 11, #01-123
Singapore 760148

Tel : +65 6305 9620
Fax : +65 6755 3684

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