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Our Services & Programmes

At New Hope Community Services, our goal goes beyond providing temporary shelter to those we serve; we want to infuse them with real hope to see their lives changed.

The Home Ownership Plus Education (HOPE) Scheme is an initiative by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (formerly known as the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports) to encourage young, low-income families to keep their families small. Under the scheme, families will receive mentoring support, education, housing and employment incentives aimed at helping them achieve long-term self-reliance.

Kampung Siglap lies at the core of our mission to restore hope to displaced individuals and families. A first-of-its-kind life skills training and retreat centre, Kampung Siglap is specially designed for consistent, meaningful and deeper engagement between our clients and the larger community – connecting those who want to help to those that need help.

Now I am a

Now I am a Volunteer is a programme initiated to reach out to our ex-clients. New Hope believes in building sustainable and impactful engagement through fostering meaningful relationships.

This programme not only allows us to continue our support for our clients even after they have left the shelter, it grants them opportunities to give back to the needy. Helping others is a life-enriching experience and it increases happiness and fulfillment. Helping others can also enhance social resilience.


Our ex-clients who returns as volunteers have a greater capacity to empathise with our current clients and empower them with their testimonies, as well as to share the new hope they have experienced in their lives.


Over the last 17 years of working with the homeless and lower income population in Singapore, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by these marginalised beneficiaries.

In order to address the barriers preventing them from attaining long-term employment, we have developed the Job Support & Retention Programme in partnership with SBF Foundation. This is targeted at more than 700 families and 300 individuals under the HOPE Scheme alongside our shelter residents.

Transit Point @

The issue of homelessness was brought to the forefront with the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. In response to the increased visibility of the homeless population, The Innkeeper’s Project was started to provide a safe space for more than 300 clients.


Transit Point (TP) @ 1 Spooner was set up in 2021 to continue facilitating the support of these clients via case management, as well as to serve individuals who are at-risk of or are already homeless. The shelter has served more than 160 individuals to date and has a maximum occupancy of 250.

Transit Point @

Transit Point @ 3 Spooner (previously known as the Shelter for Men-in-Crisis) began operations in 2003 and provides temporary housing to ex-offenders. These ex-offenders might have been rejected by their families for various reasons or not have a conducive home environment for their return. New Hope believes in giving them a second chance by assisting them in rebuilding their lives so that they can reintegrate into society. This is a 6-month case management programme.

Transit Point @

In 2007, New Hope was appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (formerly the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports) to operate a shelter for the homeless. The Shelter for Displaced Families was born in June that year, providing interim accommodation and case management services for families who were at-risk of or already homeless.

Recognising that the homeless population includes more than just families, we expanded our transitional shelter services and set up the Shelter for Displaced Individuals in 2010 to serve individuals who are at-risk of or are already homeless.

Transit Point @

Our engagement with rough sleepers on the ground and our continued partnership with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) PEERS network over the past two years has taught us that social services in Singapore needs to expand to include a low-entry barrier, community-based interim shelter to serve rough sleepers with complex housing needs.

With the support of the MSF, New Hope Community Services secured the former foreign worker dormitory space at 51 Margaret Drive to provide an interim shelter for rough sleepers named Transit Point @ Margaret Drive (TP@MD).

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