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Homelessness is a prevalent societal problem that has remained largely invisible until recent efforts to raise awareness on the issue. For close to two decades, New Hope Community Services has been collaborating with ministerial and social service agencies to support the displaced in Singapore and provide a stable roof over their heads.


The issue of homelessness was brought to the forefront with the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. In response to the increased visibility of the homeless population, The Innkeeper’s Project was started to provide a safe space for more than 300 clients.


Transit Point (TP) @ 1 Spooner was set up in 2021 to continue facilitating the support of these clients via case management, as well as to serve individuals who are at-risk of or are already homeless. The shelter has served more than 160 individuals to date and has a maximum occupancy of 250.

Case Management

Support Groups and Life Skills Training Workshops

Employment Programme

Joint Single Scheme (JSS) Matching Programme

TP @ 1 Spooner is a transitional shelter with a case management programme that aims to support residents in achieving stable employment and long-term accommodation. The maximum period of stay is 6 months. Families and individuals accepted into the programme must be ready to work with shelter's case workers for their employment and housing goals. There will be a monthly payment for the shelter stay, which will be elaborated upon to the residents during the intake interview.


Currently, TP @ 1 Spooner only accepts referrals made by social workers. For individuals who require interim shelter, you may visit your nearest Family Service Centre to seek assistance from a social worker. Referrals sent to us will be attended to within 3 working days.


For social workers seeking to refer individuals in need of shelter, please download the following application form. We will require a social report as well as the relevant supporting documents to be submitted along with application form. Please refer to the application form for more details of the eligibility criteria and information needed. The completed form, report and documents should be sent to intake@newhopecs.org.sg.