Governance Policy


Good corporate governance should be weaved, as a premise, through every aspect of NHCS, our people, culture, and our public face. Integrity is what defines NHCS and determine how we work. Therefore, in NHCS good corporate governance extends far beyond the yearly ‘Code of Governance’ submission and it's not an added bonus. Having a robust ethical foundation is at the heart of what makes us successful.


The Board and the management of New Hope Community Services (NHCS) are committed to high standards of corporate governance. NHCS has complied with 27 out of 27 applicable guidelines of the Code of Governance Evaluation Checklist for Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs). The full checklist is available at NHCS is governed by the Constitution of the Society.

1. Board Governance

NHCS is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are elected according to the Society’s constitution. Board members do not receive any remuneration for their involvement in any way at NHCS. None of the Board members held staff appointments.

Presently, the Board comprises the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary and three other elected Board members. The Board of Directors charts the strategic directions of NHCS and ensures that the charity is run well and responsibly so that the charity would continue to be effective, credible and sustainable.

The Board has established seven board committees, namely, the Audit & Risks Committee, the Appointment & Nomination Committee, Programs and Services Committee, Human Resource & Remuneration Committee, Investment & Finance Committee, Fundraising committee and Building Fund Committee.

The Board endeavours to ensure that there is an appropriate mix of core competencies and collective expertise to provide the necessary knowledge and objective judgment to meet its responsibilities. The Board benefits from the depth and breadth of expertise each Director possessors, collectively providing core competencies in finance, industry, business and management.  Board members are recruited using ‘Centre for Non-Profit Leadership’ Board Match. Recruited board members are selected according to the “Board Members Selection Criteria”. 

1a. Board Members Election Process

In accordance to the ‘Board Policy Manual’, Board composition is regularly reviewed and discussed whenever there are changes. In addition, all Board members are required to submit themselves for re-nomination and re-appointment at the end of the 2 years term in accordance to the constitution Article 8.2 & Article 8.3. There is no automatic renewal of term for all board members.

In accordance to the constitution, there is a maximum limit of two consecutive years for the position of Treasurer. 

1b. Board Evaluation, renewal and succession

The Board undertakes formal Board evaluation and board succession regularly, at least once a year.

Board renewal and Board succession proactively plan and carried out by the Board. When recruiting new Board members, the Board utilized CNPL Board Match. The Board consciously considered board renewal, succession and diversity.

There is a maximum term limit of ten years for all Board members. In addition, there must be a lapse of at least two consecutive years before re-nomination and re-appointment to the Board. There is no automatic renewal of term for all board members at the end of each 2 years term. Before re-appointment and re-appointment to the Board, every board members will be evaluated by the ‘Appointment and Nomination committee’ and getting the input of the senior management as NHCS Board-Management relationship is a partnership.

NHCS has more than 30% female representation on our board.    

2. Strategic Planning

NHCS strategic thrusts and priorities outlined in our strategic plan “Vision 2020” serve as guideposts in our pursuit of excellence. The Board approves and reviews the vision, mission and values of NHCS to ensure it stays relevant to its changing environment and needs. On an annual basis, the Board set aside time to review and update the strategic plan “Vision 2020” so as to stay relevant to any changing environment and needs. These are documented and communicated to the members of the Society as well as members of the public through various platforms including the annual report and corporate website.     

3. Conflicts Of Interest

NHCS has zero risk appetite for non-disclosure and entering into conflicting transactions. All employees, key executives and Board members of NHCS shall provide a disclosure of their interests in all other organizations in which they are directors or have control or have a substantial shareholding or monetary interest to the Board when they are newly employed or appointed and whenever there are updates.


In addition, all staff and Board members are required to declare on an annual basis that he or she does not have any personal or private business or associates that might be in a conflict to their functions or employment with NHCS.  


There is no known family relationship of the executive staff with any of the board members. There is also no known conflict of interest arises.  

4. Programme Management

The Board reviews and approves strategic plans and outcomes of NHCS to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and that their outcomes are in line with its mission and objectives.

The Board engaged ‘Conjunct Consulting’ to review the effectiveness and efficiency of the programs. 

5. Human Resource Management

The Board approves documented human resource policies for staff. NHCS recognizes that it is vital to have adequately trained and experienced people resources with the ‘heart’ and the right attitude to achieve NHCS organizational objectives. In this regard, NHCS has in place professional development, transparent performance appraisals and regular supervision and feedback systems. At the same time, the Human Resource & Remuneration Committee also reviews, monitor and make recommendations to the Board on human resources strategy and policies.

6. Financial Management & Controls

The Board reviews and approves an annual budget. The Board also monitors regularly its budget income and expenditures to ensure NHCS operates efficiently and adhere strictly to financial governance policies. At the same time, the Audit & Risks Committee reviews, monitors and make recommendations to the Board on Financial management policies and internal controls. The annual accounts are also audited by an external professional audit firm.

The Board has established an internal audit team and a procurement committee audit team. 

7. Reserves Policy

NHCS targets for at least three times of operating reserves so as to ensure the charity ability to serve its clients are not subjected to the vagaries of the economy.  

8. Fundraising Practices

NHCS has established guidelines on fundraising. These guidelines are based on the best practices set out by the National Council of Social Services and the Charity Council. NHCS does not engage any third party fundraisers.

9. Disclosure and Transparency

No Board members receive any remuneration.

No staff is involved in setting his or her own remuneration.

Remuneration of Top 3 Executives Salary Band FY2017:


$50,000 to $100,000            -  1                                

$100,001 to $150,000          -  2

10. Public Relations & Corperate Communications

The Board has established guidelines on fundraising. These guidelines are based on the best practices set out by the National Council of Social Services and the Charity Council. NHCS does not engage any third party fundraisers.

11. Managing Risks

The Board has established procedures and systems to identify, regularly monitor, review and manage any major risks NHCS may be exposed. The Board adopts the Integrated Risk Management Framework by COSO.

12. Code Of Conduct & Ethics

The Board has approved documented code of conduct & ethics for all Board members, staff and volunteers.

13. Whistle Blowing Policy

The Board has set in place a whistle-blowing policy and disclose in the annual report. 

14. Loans

The Society do not made any loans to any employees, management, Board members, any related parties or third party.

15. Sponsorship To Other Charities

The society does not receive or provide any sponsorship from or to any charities.