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Transit Point @

Our engagement with rough sleepers on the ground and our continued partnership with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) PEERS network over the past two years has taught us that social services in Singapore needs to expand to include a low-entry barrier, community-based interim shelter to serve rough sleepers with complex housing needs.

With the support of the MSF, New Hope Community Services secured the former foreign worker dormitory space at 51 Margaret Drive to provide an interim shelter for rough sleepers named Transit Point @ Margaret Drive (TP@MD).

Initially a self-funded shelter which started during the early phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, TP@MD obtained subsequent funding support from the National Council of Social Services and the Singapore Totalisator Board in May 2020.

We are privileged to share that since its opening in March 2020, the shelter has served over 100 male and female rough sleepers and displaced persons affected by the Malaysian Government Movement Control Order.

Social workers at the shelter actively work with residents to facilitate their interim and long term housing goals, empower them with the requisite skills needed to achieve self-reliance and connect them to relevant social resources to meet their holistic needs.

Recognising the good work and meaningful purpose of TP@MD, various community partners and donors have also come forth during these pandemic times to provide social, emotional, financial and other forms of tangible and intangible support for their fellow brothers and sisters in need, further exemplifying the importance of the community in uplifting the lives of displaced persons.

We have launched an online application form for Social Service Agencies looking to get a transitional shelter for their clients. Click the button below to make a referral.

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