Joint Singles Scheme Operator-Run Pilot


In 2022, we were appointed to run the Joint Singles Scheme Operator-Run (JSS-OR) Pilot at Bukit Batok West. The JSS-OR Pilot, together with the existing Joint Singles Scheme (JSS), provides subsidised public rental flats for lower-income singles who have no family support or other housing options.

The JSS-OR Pilot is an alternative model to the current JSS, allowing individual applicants to apply for a public rental flat without first having to find a flatmate. Under the JSS, eligible singles had to make a joint application with someone else in order to qualify. They could apply with someone they know, such as a friend or relative, or by sourcing through a list of other single applicants via HDB. Under the JSS-OR Pilot, applicants will be paired by the operator based on factors such as gender, age, ethnicity and living habits. The JSS will continue alongside the JSS-OR Pilot.

Each JSS-OR Pilot site comprises a mix of 1- and 2-room flats, which can accommodate two or three persons per flat respectively. The flats come with partitions installed to give tenants more privacy. They also come with general household furnishings and appliances such as wardrobes, water heaters, washing machines and fridges.

As a JSS-OR operator, we will interview prospective tenants to assess their personality and needs. Pairings are made based on different factors, such as similarities between the tenants, or how they can benefit from the companionship and support from each other. We also conduct befriending and bonding activities to help build rapport among tenants. Should disagreements arise between tenants, we will offer mediation to resolve the dispute.

Core Services

  • Applicant Matching
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Contact Us

If you have any queries related to JSS-OR at Bukit Batok West, please email us or call us on weekdays between 9 am to 6 pm at 6803 8277.

The eligibility criteria for the JSS-OR Pilot are the same as the existing JSS. Visit the HDB website for more information on JSS and JSS-OR Pilot.

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