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Transit Point @

In 2007, New Hope was appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (formerly the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports) to operate a shelter for the homeless. The Shelter for Displaced Families was born in June that year, providing interim accommodation and case management services for families who were at-risk of or already homeless.

Recognising that the homeless population includes more than just families, we expanded our transitional shelter services and set up the Shelter for Displaced Individuals in 2010 to serve individuals who are at-risk of or are already homeless.

In 2021, the shelter was renamed Transit Point @ Jalan Kukoh. This serves to identify and distinguish the transitional shelter at Jalan Kukoh from the other shelters that New Hope currently operates. To date, the shelter has served more than 1000 individuals and families.

Through the portfolio of services provided, our shelters aim to assist families and individuals in obtaining stable housing and employment, building their network of informal social support and ultimately grow confident in becoming self-reliant.

Case Management

Support Groups and Life Skills Training Workshops

Employment Programme

We have launched an online application form for Social Service Agencies looking to get a transitional shelter for their clients. Click the button below to make a referral.

“Fatima (social worker) take charges of my case brilliantly and she ensures that I will be safe and okay from time to time. She delivers endurance in her work and Joseph (operations staff) has given many good life advice to me.”

“The staff have been really kind and understanding towards my situation. I’m really thankful that they’ve always listened patiently and helped me with my problem. Now I can better focus on my career and life.”

“I would like to thank my case manager and the staff at NHCS. [They are] very supportive and helpful. They encourage me and now I have a peaceful and secure life. ”

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