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The key problem that New Hope Community Services' Life Skills & Retreat Centre seeks to tackle is a lack of sustained engagement. Many low-income families retain the same mindsets and are trapped in a poverty cycle, even experiencing inter-generational poverty. One of our partners in Social Service Office mentioned recently that “Not only is low turnout an issue, but only the same few clients would attend the events”. 


In NHCS, approximately only 30% of clients turn up regularly for our events and workshops. Our observation suggests that clients usually only turn up for a program in order to get financial assistance, but do not turn up for activities meant to address their coping skills, which will enhance their social resilience e.g. workshops and seminars. Many VWOs also face this problem, hence the attribution of poor program design is not likely to be the main reason. Instead, low client motivation is often the cause. Many social programs targeted at vulnerable clients require incentives such as NTUC vouchers to attract them to participate in the programs.

The Solution

The NHCS Retreat and Lifeskills Center will be the first of its kind in Singapore – a solution to a common problem that many VWOs including FSCs and SSOs face, the lack of a sustained engagement and poor attendance. The normal setting of a seminar does not appeal to lower-income families. We have observed over the years that maximum participation and more impactful engagement are achieved through family retreats and camps than normal workshops or seminars/ life skills training. Even when a lot of effort is put into organizing such events, the outcome in terms of attendance is not cost-efficient. The Retreat and Lifeskills Centre will compliment what NHCS is already doing and to bridge the social gap in Singapore. The attraction of going for the retreat and taking part in the fun & wholesome activities will allow us to reach out to these clients and have a captive audience for the talks and workshops. It is another effort of NHCS to eradicate poverty in our society.


We need

We need to raise about $6.5million to convert the property at No.10 La Salle Street, an old school building into a Retreat & Lifeskills Centre for the low-income families & individuals.


Would you walk alongside New Hope Community Services in our service to the less-advantaged community in Singapore? Your generosity will go a long way to better the lives of the poor and homeless.


Your donations are granted 2.5 times the tax deductions. 


We are grateful to your kind consideration to support our worthy cause.

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New Hope

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New Hope

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Singapore 760148

KampUng Siglap Life Skills Training and Retreat Centre

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