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Kampung Siglap lies at the core of our mission to restore hope to displaced individuals and families. A first-of-its-kind life skills training and retreat centre, Kampung Siglap is specially designed for consistent, meaningful and deeper engagement between our clients and social service providers—connecting those who want to help to those that need help.

Through our signature programmes, Kampung Siglap enables our clients to develop independence and coping skills so that they can achieve sustainable life outcomes.


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Fostering Emotional Resilience Within Families

Family retreat weekends are a great way to build family bonds and provides a sense of belonging and security for everyone in the family. Not only does it give everybody a chance to relax, but families also learn valuable communication and coping skills and develop friendships and support groups with other families.


Education of the Heart

Character Building for Children and Youths 

Building character starts at an early age. Children need role models from whom they can emulate positive traits and behaviour that will be the foundation for becoming upstanding individuals of society. “Education of the Heart” is a holistic character-building programme for children and youths through the medium of camps and other activities.



Basic Foundation to Corporate Social Responsibility

First Things First” is an experiential learning activity for participants to walk in the lives of low-income families. Participants will come out of the simulation exercise with a deeper understanding of the complex challenges that low-income families in Singapore face, and be challenged to think about how they can translate their experience into a catalyst for social good.


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